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Coming SOON.
Etno Mood is absolutely new beginning in OOMYO. This item is made of completely new fabric, which is 66% of viscose, 28% linen and 6% of elastane. It´s very soft and breathable, eco friendly and long lasting. Totally new to European market of fabrics, we are very proud to be the first producing clothes of it. Also Etno Mood collection idea was born on Bali and is a collaboration of Estonian ethno and Bali accessories. The collection is limited, that is why if some of jewelry is out of stock, then it takes time to be restocked, also may happen, that some pieces are so unique, that we don´t manage to restock those. Please, always feel free to get in touch with us.
This Linen Yoga One Piece suit is very comfortable for any yoga practice is machine washable and is easily combined with many other items of OOMYO´s collection. First of all it’s really cozy and comfort. Fits ladies 150cm to 185cm high. Important detail is that garments are open seamed on the sleeves and neck. This model was made up for any yoga practice, but now is quite common for dancing or pijama. We love it! It’s very feminine 🙂 Especially looks nice with a Linen Kimono. Available since September 2019.

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