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About Us

It doesn't matter for how many lives or years I do yoga, it will still remain my most important passion. It is also a way of giving back. Yoga gives me a reason to wake up every day. 

After teaching one of my classes, my silk yoga pants were torn again as a result of some especially demanding poses. That was also the day that I had a new student in my class, who - as I soon discovered - was a technical designer. We got talking and while sitting on the mat had an idea of making special yoga clothes that:

- strictly follow the philosophy of yoga sutras

- don’t roll up after each pose

- are made of fabric flexible and soft enough for yoga poses

- come in nice colors and are easily combined

- have no extra uncomfortable details that might rub your skin

- retain their colour and size after machine washing

So, I designed the models and she constructed exactly the cuts we needed. This resulted in tunics that didn’t roll up during Sun Salutation, pants which didn’t break after Virabhadrasana and leggings stretching easily in Hanumasana pose. After a rigorous testing period, we knew the clothes were fantastic. We added symbol of God and Lotus flower in the right place, bringing positive energy to our hearts, and OOMYO was born.

Your body is a temple. Yoga gives your body freedom to do things you never thought would be possible.  OOMYO means OOM MY YOGA- connection with Lord. Stay connected!


Margo Laanvee

OOMYO's founder