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Retro Flamingo 2018

Vegan Wool Myts Dark Melange

Vegan Wool Myts Dark Melange

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SKU: 01-09-2018-myt

Vegan Wool Myts is absolutely new handmade in Estonia accessory for the cold time. As far as we are running Eco friendly lifestyle, we would like to offer our customers some alternative fabrics and yarn. Hand dyed Vegan Cashmere is soft and skin friendly nylon spinning fibre.
Recommendation for washing Myts;
While animal fibres prefer slightly acidic conditions while washing (like using an apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair), plant fibres prefer neutral to slightly alkaline. An environmentally friendly, laundry soap, gentle detergent or hand soap is ideal. Less is best for the longevity and softness of your Myts.


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